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Working at McConnell Dowell

 working at macdow

With a workforce spanning the globe, we know that having a constant and solid company culture ensures we operate to the best of our potential. We are all about straight talking, building team spirit and maintaining the highest level of safety standards.

McConnell Dowell is Driving Progress throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, across Asia and the Middle East.

We challenge our employees to think creatively, and provide stimulating environments for opportunities to surpass their expectations.


At McConnell Dowell, we maintain a strong focus on our brand culture and image. We believe a company’s identity starts from the bottom up.  Who our employees are is who we are.

We foster a pioneering business spirit and seek to be a leader of the building construction sector through progressive innovation.

Our company vision and values guide the behaviours and business practices of all of our employees and help to build lasting relationships with clients, governments and communities through a commitment to clear and effective communication.

Safety is at the core of the McConnell Dowell business. With a large and diverse multicultural workforce, we equip all of our staff with training and development opportunities to constantly improve our capability in the building construction industry and ensure that everybody is safe in their working environment. 


At McConnell Dowell, our employees have access to a number of benefits.

We ensure our employees have access to support services with our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and professional development opportunities to ensure our workforce remains the very best

McConnell Dowell employees also have access to corporate discounts on insurance, travel and car hire and a multitude of retail discounts with Employee Added Extras (EAE). 



"As an engineer with McConnell Dowell for the past six years, I have been part of project teams that really understand the importance of quality work and achieving an end result to be proud of."

Project Engineer


"I'm surrounded by a great team.  They're the ones that make it happen.  They're the ones that make it possible to overcome the daily challenges, and I still enjoy my job, even after 16 years with PT McConnell Dowell Indonesia."

Accounting Manager