We approach every project with a focus on both creativity and logic - finding the right blend of innovation and new thinking, combined with proven, systematic approaches for low risk delivery. Our unwavering objective is to deliver what we promise to our customers, while protecting our people, the community and the environment.

Creative Construction at McConnell Dowell is the inspired engineering behind the complex infrastructure we deliver. It's the technical problems and challenges solved behind the scenes by people empowered to think creatively. It’s the alternative idea or innovation that saves time, reduces cost, or delivers more value for our customers and communities. It might not always be evident when you look at the end product, but it's there inside every project.

Central to our systematic approach is the McConnell Dowell Management System (MMS). This is our structured suite of ISO-accredited procedures, documents and templates that have been developed, revised and enhanced over 60 years of operations.

In collaboration with our customers, we customise our documentation to suit each unique project, and our reporting provide our customers with full transparency of project progress throughout delivery. The MMS is also constantly evolving to support new technologies and customer imperatives like digital engineering, social procurement and sustainability.

We also understand that construction is a "team sport" and we can't play every position. So we rely on a strong and trusted network of approved local subcontractors and suppliers to help us deliver what we promise to our customers.