Structural Steel

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Structural steel fabrication has been ongoing at McConnell Dowell's facilities for over 20 years – from simple bolted structures to fully welded out modules

Our facilities are fully equipped with all necessary equipment to cut, saw, drill, punch and weld steel. Our fitters are skilled and extensively trained and our welders tested and qualified to ensure our work is always top quality.

Our facilities offer a complete fabrication service from receipt of steel stock through to final coating and shipment. Steel can be coated at the facilities to any paint specification or hot dip galavanised at nearby facilities.

Strict quality control (accredited by Lloyds Register) is implemented for all fabrication work. We track and monitor all work to ensure the status and location of your steel is always known. For demanding applications to be used in the offshore Oil & Gas and Petrochem industries, we can provide full traceability on welds and materials.

Batam Facility guideline production rates:

  • 1200T/month medium structural steel (30-60kg/m)
  • 1600T/month heavy structural steel (>60kg/m)

Thailand Facility guideline production rates:

  • 200T/month medium structural steel (30-60kg/m)
  • 300T/month heavy structural steel (>60kg/m)

Mechanical Steel

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Mechanical steel fabrication is a specialty offered by all of our facilities

Mechanical steel includes static equipment (such as tanks, exhaust stacks, bins, chutes and hoppers) and structural elements of moving equipment (such as ship loaders, unloaders, stackers and reclaimers). Mechanical steel often requires precise alignment of complicated weldments and machined parts. McConnell Dowell can guarantee the accuracy required for this type of steel work.

As the Batam Facility also serves as our regional construction plant storage and servicing facility, there are plenty of mechanics and fitters at hand with heavy equipment experience and the right skills and tools for large equipment assembly and testing.

From fan casings to turbine exhaust stacks, from pipe lay stingers to jack up barges our Batam and Thailand Facility have plenty of experience with this type of fabrication.


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Pipe spool fabrication is undertaken at all Facilities.Tradionally undertaken to support our construction projects, the facilities now offer pipe spooling as a service in its own right.

Our piping fabrication work has predominantly been for the Oil & Gas and Petrochem markets and both yards have established quality systems in place to ensure full compliance to the internationally used piping codes. Our clients have included the oil majors and the largest chemical manufacturers.

Fabrication capabilities go beyond carbon steel piping and includes the full range of steels, from thin wall stainless tube to large bore heavy wall alloy pipe.All welding processes (GMAW, GTAW, SMAW and FCAW) are supported and various techniques are performed – from conventional manual welding to the use of automatic equipment such as the Bug-o-Matic track guided welder.

All NDE is performed in the facilities by internationally accredited third party inspection agencies to ensure there is never any doubt as to the quality of the welds.Post weld heat treatment, hydrotesting or pneumatic testing, cleaning and purging are all undertaken in-house prior to dispatch.

The facilities also offer a comprehensive range of coating services from airless sprayed epoxies and polyurethanes to advanced coatings such as thermal sprayed aluminium.

Pre-Cast Concrete

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Batam Facility has been pre-casting concrete for almost a decade.

A two hectare (5 acre) clear space with two overhead gantry cranes and a tower crane ensures efficient production of precast segments and modules. All concrete work is undertaken with our own supervisors, foreman and workers and this means we can guarantee the accuracy and quality of all concrete work. Precast segments and sections are exported to markets as near as Singapore and as far away as Australia.

Batam facility has pre-cast a large variety of concrete elements from simple plank sections to complex post-tensioned bridge segments, all produced with a high level of accuracy and the best finish in the business.

Pre-Assembled Racks

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Pre-assembled Pipe Racks are a logical combination of our structural steel and piping fabrication capabilities.

Batam Faclity's load-out facility allows the racks to be lifted or transported directly onto barges, for shipping to any location in the region. For shipping further afield, the racks are transferred onto heavy lift ships in the nearby sea channel.

The facility is able to handle modules up to 1200 Tonnes in finished weight with larger modules possible if heavy capacity SPMTs (Self Propelled Modular Transporters) are mobilised. The large assembly area means that rack modules can be stored to allow for consolidated shipments.

All piping is pre-tested in the facility, finish paint coats applied, valves, instruments & insulation installed and all touch up work performed so that when the modules reach the site, only the interconnecting joins between modules need to be accessed.

The concept of modularisation is becoming increasingly popular, but this type of work demands accuracy and quality to avoid re-work on site. Batam Facility has a proven track record for delivering this quality.

Process Modules

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With support from McConnell Dowell's Mechanical Business Unit project staff in Singapore, Batam Facility offers a complete Process Module construction cabability

McConnell Dowell's Mechanical Business Unit has undertaken many process projects in Singapore over the last 15 years including refinery, petrochem, food technology and pharmaceutical. This business unit has capabilities in mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation work. With support from the Singapore staff, this complete capability is brought to the Batam Facility, making this facility the ideal location to build your process modules.

Equipment and materials can be client supplied, or McConnell Dowell's Singapore office can provide full procurement services for all mechanical equipment (whether static, rotating or reciprocating), piping bulk materials, electrical equipment (switchgear, transformers etc), instruments, electrical and instrumentation bulk materials and control systems.

Module superstructures can be structural steel or concrete. Piping can be carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloys, with other piping material types (such as fibre reinforced plastics) able to be sourced within Batam. The yard has skilled mechanical fitters (millwrights) for installation and alignment of rotating and reciprocating equipment. Electrical and instrumentation work is undertaken by technicians from Singapore, supported by local Batam labour. Full pre-commissioning services are offered, from testing through to energisation. And, importantly, all work is subject to the strict quality controls and record keeping demanded by the Oil & Gas, Petrochem and Pharmaceutical markets.

Completed and pre-commissioned modules up to 1200T are loaded out from facility via barge directly to regional destinations, or transferred onto heavy lift ships for shipment further afield.