We are all in this together 

Our environmental commitment is a central concern in all areas of our business. 

Environmental management is everybody’s responsibility, on every job, regardless of role, or the nature or location of the project and we have been recognised throughout our industry for our collaborative, rigorous approach to environmental standards. 

Our actions in maintaining high standards of managing the environment include: 

  • Actively encouraging our people to be creative and innovative in environmental management; 
  • The establishment of a dedicated team of environmental professionals to actively support all staff;  
  • Our promotion of the import of environmental management; and 
  • Taking a positive and collaborative approach 

In addition, we sustain a focus on accountable leadership: reducing emissions; managing efficient use of energy; resources and project materials; minimising waste; and through responsible management of local flora and fauna. 

We take on a “one team” approach with our customers and partners in our commitment to the environment. 


Environmental Monitoring

Under the NSW Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) several changes to the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act) were introduced, including a new requirement that holders of an Environment Protection Licence make their pollution monitoring data publicly available in a timely manner and are required to prepare, implement and test pollution-incident management plans for each of their licensed activities. 

This page provides access to the pollution monitoring data and Pollution Incident Response Management Plans for projects with the Environmental Protection Licences held by McConnell Dowell Constructors.

K2K project

The K2K project involves the duplication of the Pacific Highway from Kundabung to the start of the Kempsey Bypass, a length of approximately 13.7 kilometres including the construction of associated local service roads.

Please click here for a copy of the K2K Pollution incident response plan.

Monitoring Data

To view our Environmental Protection Licence Monitoring Data please select from the list below.


2018 Consolidated

2017 Consolidated

2016 Consolidated

2015 Consolidated